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Survive Super Bowl Sunday: 9 Ways to Eat Healthier

You can finally eat chips and drink beer without feeling guilty! Here's how to enjoy your favorite football foods—and get away with it.
Opt for diet or “zero” versions if you must, but you’re not doing yourself any favors. If you’re downing soda for the sake of drinking something that’s not beer, opt instead for natural ice tea, which contains cell-protecting free radicals.
Cheese Sticks 
The problem with mozzarella sticks is that they’re absolutely loaded with calories but take only half a second to eat. We prefer string cheese, which delivers similar flavor and feels like more food—and most are 100 calories or less.
Whether it’s a platter or a six-foot sub, choose whole-wheat bread, opt for a lean meat like chicken or turkey, swap the mayo for oil, go nuts with vegetables, and double up on meat to add extra protein.
Here’s a tip for eating half as much dip as you normally would without even realizing it: Instead of dipping a single chip, put two together and dip them. When you separate them, only one side of each will be dipped.
What’s America Eating on Super Bowl Sunday?
This data from Seamless reveals where major cities stand on the two most popular food orders.
San Francisco: 28% pizza, 9% wings.
Chicago: 18% pizza, 17% wings.
Washington, DC: 29% pizza, 14% wings.
Boston: 44% pizza, 18% wings.
New York: 14% pizza, 13% wings.
Philadelphia: 26% pizza, 38% wings.

Los Angeles: 14% pizza, 9% wings.



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