The Best Nutrition Breakthroughs for October 2013

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The Best Nutrition Breakthroughs for October 2013

The most recent news about the New Nordic Diet and foods that prevent prostate cancer.

Tomatoes and soy may fend off prostate cancer, say University of Illinois researchers. Mice genetically engineered to develop prostate cancer were fed tomatoes, soy, both, or neither for 14 weeks. Only 45% of the “tomatoes and soy” mice developed the cancer, compared with 61% (tomatoes), 66%(soy), and 100% (neither), suggesting that three to four servings of tomatoes a week, and one to two servings of tofu or soy milk a day could protect men from prostate cancer. For an easy combo, U of I’s John Erdman, Ph.D., suggests stir-frying veggies then adding firm tofu and cherry tomatoes.


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