The Best & Worst Halloween Candies

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The Best & Worst Halloween Candies

Candy corn, Kit-Kats, peanut butter pumpkins—is there really a right choice when it comes to all those seasonal, sugar-bomb treats? Men’s Fitness finds out.

Whether you’ve been wrist-deep in candy corn since mid-September or are simply flirting with danger every time you walk by the office stash of fun-sized chocolate, you know you’re never too old to fall into a Halloween candy coma. The threat is real. And MF is here to help.

“It’s all about portion control,” says Heather Mangieri, R.D., a Pittsburgh-based sports dietitian. “Most candies have a lot of sugar, so it's better to find sweets that are low in fat or fat-free.”

So here’s your guide to Halloween candy, designed to help you out the next time you’re fishing through that plastic pumpkin. It’s by no means an exhaustive study of all things seasonal and sugary, so if you don’t see your favorite Halloween candy here? Keep it to a treat a day —and always, always brush your teeth afterwards—and you should escape the season unscathed.


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