The Best & Worst Halloween Candies

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The Best & Worst Halloween Candies

Candy corn, Kit-Kats, peanut butter pumpkins—is there really a right choice when it comes to all those seasonal, sugar-bomb treats? Men’s Fitness finds out.
55 calories, .5 grams of fat (per piece)

This applies to that traditional taffy in the orange and black wrappers or any of its more modern iterations, like Airheads or Laffy Taffy. And while none of these options are incredibly high in calories or fat, they’re all prime cavity-causing candidates, which means you might want to steer clear. (Hey, a nice smile is just as important as a trim waistline, right?) Their sticky, corn-syrupy texture gets stuck in your teeth’s crevices, making it almost impossible for saliva to wash it all away. Yeah. Chew on that for a minute…


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