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Three Dieting Rules for Distance Road Racers

Eating advice from elite endurance coach Neal Henderson.
Three Dieting Rules for Distance Road Racers
Benjamin Rasmussen

“If you’re just doing a steady endurance ride at a conversational pace, then you can very easily get away with taking in 100 or 120 calories an hour. You don’t need to be guzzling Gatorade. You don’t need a PowerBar every hour.”

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“If you’re performing a workout that’s going to have a lot of high-intensity efforts, you’ll need more fuel to support them. Remember that your body has to have an adequate starting level of carbohydrates in the tank. So load up.”

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“Know how your diet and workout are connected, and adjust accordingly: At a lower intensity for a longer period, you’re using a good percentage of fat as energy. But at a very high intensity, you will be using mostly carbs.”

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