Tips to Grilling Healthy

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Tips to Grilling Healthy

Love your burgers well-done? Read up before firing up your grill this summer.

Avoid Charring

Limit your intake of well-done meats. Although, if you aren't a fan of any pink in the middle, cooking meat at a decreased temperature for a limited amount of time may also help prevent HCAs. If you're using a charcoal grill, simply increase the distance between direct heat and the meat.

Like well-done meats? Try precooking foods by placing them in a microwave or oven for a short period of time before grilling. Keep an eye on your food and take off precooked pieces right before they begin to char. It also helps to keep a timer close to the grill.

Clean your grill after each bbq and scrub away excess charred particles. For tougher grease, soak grill racks overnight and let them dry before lighting up the BBQ again. This will ensure that you have rid your grill of any carcinogens prior to your next grill session.


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