Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Men

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Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Men

Want to make prepping meals faster, easier and healthier? Yup, there's a gadget for that. This array of cool kitchen tools don't just look good on your countertop—they're designed to give you a real edge when you cook.

Most chefs will tell you to let meat rest for a few minutes after you remove it from the heat. Why? This helps prevent all the super-heated juices inside from running out, leaving your meat dry and tasteless.

Once you've given it a short cooling off period, be sure to cut your bird, roast or steak over a cutting board—like this one from J.K.Adams—that have deep grooves that capture any runoff. Not only will this keep your countertops clean, but you can then reuse the drippings to make a gravy or sauce for your protein. Pretty neat, definitely tasty.

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