Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Men

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Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Men

Want to make prepping meals faster, easier and healthier? Yup, there's a gadget for that. This array of cool kitchen tools don't just look good on your countertop—they're designed to give you a real edge when you cook.

Sometimes, a butter knife just won’t cut it. A full knife set may seem like overkill, especially if you’ve been beating on the same old blade for the past few years, but the truth is a set of sharp, high-quality knives will have more of an impact on the way you cook than anything else you could buy. This seven-piece set comes with straight, serrated, and hollow blades, and a pair of shears and a steel for sharpening. The oak block makes storage easy, and adds a touch of “I know what I’m doing” to any kitchen—even if you don’t.

(; $500)


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