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Triathlon Training Nutrition Guide

Your diet can make or break your triathlon goals. Learn how to fuel your training—and get better race-day results.

Swim, bike, run, and repeat. Seems simple, right? But if you think that’s all there is to triathlon training, think again. What you eat while you train is just as important as how you’re training. “Nutrition is the fourth leg of any triathlon,” says triathlete Kim Mueller, RD, owner of Fuel Factor athletic nutrition coaching in San Diego. “A healthy diet has to be part of your lifestyle before training can make an impact. You have to dial your nutrition in from the get-go.”

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Whether you’re going for a sprint triathlon or an Ironman, your training regimen will have your body at it’s max. You’ll be burning through more energy than most people use in an entire day. And that means you need to eat more. But just like you need the right training plan to dominate the race, you also need the right fuel to power you through. So we asked the experts for their best advice and put together a step-by-step nutrition guide that will bring your tri-performance to the next level.

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