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Your Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Detox Menu

Beat the bloat and kickstart your metabolism with this delicious (and healthy!) 2-day meal plan.

So, you stuffed your face on Thanksgiving, and now you feel like a disgusting, bloated, elastic-waistband-wearing version of yourself. But before you throw yourself a pity party with leftover stuffing, why not start fresh with a day-after-Thanksgiving detox plan?

To get you back on track, we’ve enlisted the help of nutritionist Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., founder of the New York-based private nutrition practice Your NY Dietitian. “Adults typically consume 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving,” she says. “And the foods we traditionally eat are loaded with salt, saturated fat and refined sugars, which is why you’ll feel fatigue and bloating for days after.”

Moskovitz says it’s important to remember that if you overdo it at dinner, you must get back to a healthy eating plan the next day. (After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday, not a holi-week.) Below, check out Moskovitz’s two-day meal plan that promises to kick start your metabolism, detox your body and get you back to your energetic self in no time.



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