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Your Ultimate Anytime Sandwich

Hungry? This chopped steak and egg sandwich is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—just pick your toppings accordingly.
Sam Kaplan

Want to get the most miles out your next grocery store trip? Then this Chopped Steak and Egg Sandwich Recipe—which can be customized for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—is for you. You'll save money by using the same core ingredients, but the topping combos add variety. Brilliant.



  • 4 oz lean ground beef
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Olive-oil spray
  • 3 egg white
  • Whole-wheat hamburger bun
  • Topping (see “Choose Your Topping” Below)


  1. Shape beef into patty and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Mist nonstick skillet with spray. Place over medium-high heat, then add egg whites. When they start to set, flip and form to roughly size of bun, then set aside.
  3. Increase heat to high,respray skillet, then and add patty. Cook for two minutes per side, then set aside and reduce heat to medium. Add bun halves—cut-side down—and continue cooking until lightly toasted.
  4. Place bottom bun on plate. Add egg, patty, and toppings. Close sandwich and serve immediately.


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Slice and sauté ½ cup onions and ¼ cup green bell peppers. Add red taco sauce and salt-free Mexican seasoning to taste.
The Numbers: 313 calories; 34g protein; 30g carbs; 7g fat; 5g fiber.

Toss 2 cups chopped baby spinach, ½ cup diced tomato, ¼ cup sliced onion, and ¼ cup chopped Spanish olives in 1 ½ tbsp. light balsamic vinaigrette.
The Numbers: 429 calories; 35g protein; 41g carbs; 14g fat; 8g fiber.

Top with one slice low-fat cheese, one slice tomato, three slices avocado, and black pepper to taste.
The Numbers: 424 calories; 41g protein; 30g carbs; 16g fat; 8g fiber.


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