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10 Foods to Stop Eating TODAY
Blacklist these "foods" to drop weight for good.
Beyond Quinoa
"New" grains with lots of protein, zero gluten, and other health perks.
It Only Takes 5 Days
That binge eating week may not be worth it after all.
Build Muscle With These 10 Meat-Based Meals
Building muscle has gotten a lot easier with the help of these recipes.
Fight Fat
10 ingredients that help you lose weight, dodge illness, and more.
Become a Pizza-Making Pro
3 tricks for making better-for-you pie at home.
9 Weight-Loss Rules of Dining Out
Stick to these guidelines and dine out without packing on pounds.
Low Cal Rice
This cooking tip slashes calories in rice by up to 60 percent.
Maximize Your Workout
Protein: The building blocks of muscle.
The Food That Makes You Hungrier
Too much of this ingredient can give you the munchies.
Burn Fat Fast—Naturally
Eat these three foods, and burn fat too.
21-Day Grocery List
The ingredients you'll need for the 21-Day Shred Cookbook.
How certain foods affect your skin, semen, brain power, and athleticism.
Secrets to Eating Less
Three tricks to cut calories and shrink your gut.
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