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November 2014

Special promotions and events from our latest Issue!

New! Very Sexual Pour Homme


THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH SEXUAL. Seductive, inviting, irresistible. Get your FREE travel spray GIFT with men’s purchase. Enter offer code: Mensfit. Learn more at


We Help You Stay on track

A scale you can count on makes managing weight so much easier! Step onto a body analysis scale from Weight Watchers by Conair to accurately monitor weight, plus body fat, water, bone mass and BMI. Learn more at


Hydroxycut® Sx-7TM Black onyxTM

New Hydroxycut® SX-7TM Black OnyxTM is the most hardcore and cutting- edge formula on the market today. Supercharged with 7 premium ingredients in a never-before-seen combination, this superior formula is designed for extreme energy and mental focus. Just one dose delivers an unrivalled sensory overload unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Learn more at


Men’s Fitness Grooming Guide at Amazon

We know you always want to look your best! For expert grooming advice, head to the Men’s Fitness Grooming Guide at Amazon. You’ll find tips on taking care of your skin, hair, face and more. We also give you Editors’ Picks to make your holiday shopping easier! Learn more at


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