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January 2014

Special promotions and events from our latest Issue!


Every Man Jack

Save 20% on naturally derived hair, body, skin and shave products just for guys. Enter code MF20 at checkout. Learn more at

Hydroxycut SX-7

New HydroxycutTM SX-7TM is the most advanced formula today with 7 super-extreme and cutting-edge, premium ingredients. The unique unparalleled sensory experience was designed to be the very best you can get. HydroxycutTM SX-7TM truly does work! One pill is all you need! Learn more at products/hydroxycutsx7

Fight Cough & Chest Congestion with Maximum strength Mucinex® DM

Experience the power of Maximum Strength Mucinex®DM. With its unique bi-layer tablet, one dose of Mucinex® DM works for 12 hours to break up mucus and control and quiet your worst cough. Learn more at

Men’s Fitness and Amazon

Men’s Fitness has teamed up with Amazon to bring exclusive guides within the Grooming Store on! Get expert shaving, hair, and skin tips for the Holiday season, and check out some of the latest brands and products chosen by our experts. Learn more at


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