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25 Most Annoying Sports Figures on Televsion

We all mute the games once in a while so that we can avoid annoying commentators and spotlight-hogging athletes. But just this once, let's savor the absurdity of those men that make professional sports more, well, interesting.

We all have that one sports commentator whose voice just irritates the crap out of us during games—his constant interruptions and dull jokes make us want to break the TV (we're looking at you, Colin Cowherd). Certain athletes, too, leave us with clenched fists and a desire to throw our remotes right at the TV screen. Exhibit A: Clay Matthews...must you flip your hair like The Little Mermaid everytime a drop of sweat grazes your forehead? 

Unfortunately, according to Bleacher Report, there are at least 25 guys in professional sports who act obnoxious—and there's not a damn thing we can do about it except to make fun of them. And so, without further ado, here's their list of the 25 most annoying men in sports . We dare you to read it and not yell at your screen. 


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