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10 Most Unforgettable MLB Postseason Chokes

The MLB postseason wouldn't be the same without the game-changing screw-ups—here are the worst of them all.

On the biggest stage, even some of the best athletes can crumble under pressure. 

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Whether it’s a starting pitcher who gets shelled, a closer who blows a save or a cleanup hitter who goes 0-for-5, it’s all par for the course – well, almost. Every once in a while, a player, team or even an umpire can come along and screw up at the absolute worst possible moment to change the outcome of a series. 

A number of postseason errors and poor performances have gone forgotten by most fans. Sure, they’re in the record books, but there are only a few that ended up costing a team a playoff series, or even a World Series.

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Many would say these guys just couldn’t handle the pressure, which may be true. But what’s more likely is that they just got unlucky. Everyone makes a mistake here and there, lets a lead get away from them or just fails to put away a team. 

These players, umpires and full teams just picked the worst time and place to screw up. 

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Here’s the most memorable postseason choke jobs in MLB history.



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