2012 MLB Post-Season: 8 Players to Watch

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2012 MLB Post-Season: 8 Players to Watch

The MLB Post-Season is underway. Here's our predictions on the 8 players to keep a close eye on.

American League Playoffs


New York Yankees – 2B Robinson Cano

This season may have marked an official changing of the guard in New York. Yes, there was the resurgence of Derek Jeter, who led the league in hits after two straight sub-.300 seasons, as well as the return of Andy Pettitte to the starting rotation, but it was Robbie Cano who led the way with his bat and smooth glove. He finished up another dominant year and proved himself as the best overall hitter in the most expensive lineup in baseball. Cano led the Yanks in on-base percentage (.379) and slugging (.550), smashing 33 homers and producing a huge number of runs (105 runs scored and 94 RBI). On a team with huge power hitters like Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson and ARod, Cano is the one Yanks fans will want up there with the game on the line.

The Yankees have been inconsistent all year, grabbing the top spot in the AL despite a midsummer collapse that threatened their season. However, they righted the ship in the final month and will have a decent shot if they play up to their potential. Cano will try to lead the lineup in the right direction, as will CC Sabathia with the pitching staff.


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