2013 MLB MVP Favorites

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2013 MLB MVP Favorites

These 10 guys will probably be in the MVP hunt this season, and regardless of whether or not they take home the hardware, they’ll be some of this season’s players to watch.

How he can win: It’s tough to argue against this defending champion. Catchers generally aren’t expected to hit like outfielders and first basemen due to the heavy defensive demands of their position. Posey, on the other hand, won the National League batting title last year, while also posting a .408 OBP and .549 slugging average before the Giants stormed through the playoffs and won another World Series. He’ll be turning 26 this season and should still be shy of his peak performance—there’s plenty going for him.


Why he might not: In order to repeat, Posey is probably going to have to keep his average way up, like it was last season. He’s not a huge guy and won’t be among the league’s home run leaders any time soon (although he hit a respectable 24 homers in 2012). He’ll also need to avoid injuries, like the catastrophic collision on a play at the plate that ended his 2011 season after just 45 games.


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