2013 MLB MVP Favorites

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2013 MLB MVP Favorites

These 10 guys will probably be in the MVP hunt this season, and regardless of whether or not they take home the hardware, they’ll be some of this season’s players to watch.

How he can win: The 2010 NL MVP, Votto missed out on a ripe opportunity to make a run for his second title last year when he was knocked out for a couple months with a knee injury. In the 111 games he managed to play, he set a scorching pace, hitting .337 with a .474 OBP. Had he stayed healthy, he would have been the favorite. Of course, he’ll have a chance to secure another MVP in 2013 if he can have a more complete version of his 2012 campaign.


Why he might not: All things considered, Votto doesn’t look like a bad option if you’re making a bet. But like Kemp, he’s clearly not invincible and shouldn’t be expected to keep his numbers at staggeringly high levels for the length of his career.

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