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Baseball Brawls: The 13 Most Memorable Bench-Clearing Fights

Major League Baseball has a rough side. Here are the street fights that stayed on the diamond.

1. Nolan Ryan (Houston Astros) vs. Dave Winfield (San Diego Padres, Playing for Yankees In Above Image), 1980

Ryan’s first well-known fight pitted him against another eventual Hall of Famer, Dave Winfield. Ryan drilled Winfield but wasn’t prepared for a fight. Winfield charged and managed to land a punch on Ryan before tackling him to the ground. Both teams rushed to the mound, but by the time they arrived the bout was finished, with Ryan on the losing end. 

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2. The All-Out Brawl: Atlanta Braves vs San Diego Padres, 1984

This game was absolute mayhem from start to finish. The benches cleared four times and 13 players were ejected, along with both managers. As you might expect, the bean balls started early, as Braves starting pitcher Pascual Perez nailed Padres leadoff hitter Alan Wiggins to lead off the first inning. The Padres looked to retaliate in the second inning when Perez came to bat, resulting in the first bench-clearing incident. That got the bad blood flowing, and it never stopped. Even fans got involved with some of the fighting, jumping on the field and joining the action, and police at the event had to work hard to make sure the chaos didn’t spread to the stands.



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