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Baseball Brawls: The 13 Most Memorable Bench-Clearing Fights

Major League Baseball has a rough side. Here are the street fights that stayed on the diamond.

3. Bert Campaneris (Oakland A’s) Hurls Bat at Lerrin LaGrow (Detroit Tigers), 1972

This one came about under somewhat bizarre circumstances. Not only did it involve a player getting hit on a low pitch (clearly not a bean ball), but the batter, Bert Campaneris, decided to use his bat as a weapon in retaliation. Knocked to the ground by the pitch, Campaneris immediately got up and hurled his bat back at pitcher Lerrin LaGrow’s head. LaGrow ducked in time, avoiding what could’ve been a serious injury.

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4. Nolan Ryan (Texas Rangers) Beats Down Robin Ventura (Chicago White Sox), 1993

One of the most famous, well-known brawls in MLB history went down in the hot Texas summer of 1993. This turned out to be the last high-profile moment in Nolan Ryan’s illustrious Hall of Fame pitching career, which would end only a couple of months later. At 46, he was not only tossing near-100 mph fastballs—he was also ready to beat up any kid dumb enough to challenge him to a fight. A pitch got away from Ryan and hit the 26-year-old Robin Ventura, who hesitated a moment before deciding to charge the mound on the veteran pitcher. Ventura tried to lead with his shoulder, so Ryan wrapped him up in a headlock and gave him a royal beat down, until both teams mobbed the mound and put a stop to it. The takeaway: Respect your elders, kids.



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