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Baseball Brawls: The 13 Most Memorable Bench-Clearing Fights

Major League Baseball has a rough side. Here are the street fights that stayed on the diamond.

5. Chan Ho Park’s (Los Angeles Dodgers) Kick, 1999

Against the crosstown rival Anaheim Angels, L.A. Dodgers pitcher Chan Ho Park laid a sacrifice bunt up the first base line and bolted for first. The ensuing tag by opposing pitcher Tim Belcher, however, was a bit too enthusiastic for Park’s taste, and he went after Belcher with a rarely seen drop kick. Both benches cleared, but the real damage had been done.

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6. Armando Benitez (Baltimore Orioles) Drills Tino Martinez (New York Yankees), 1998

After giving up a three-run homer in the eighth that gave the Yankees the lead, hotheaded reliever Armando Benitez looked to bean the next batter, Tino Martinez. Martinez got nailed in the upper back, and both teams poured of their respective dugouts. This basically turned out to be a Yanks vs. Benitez brawl, as several Yankees looked to break through the wall of Orioles players to get some payback.

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First, it was Australian reliever Graeme Lloyd rushing in from the bullpen, taking some wild cuts at Benitez, along with some involvement from third baseman Scott Brosius and reliever Jeff Nelson. The most memorable moment came from Darryl Strawberry, who somehow managed to break loose and land a well-deserved cheap-shot punch to Benitez’s face. Torre had to restrain Strawberry and escort him back to the Yankee dugout, bringing about huge cheers from the home crowd. The ’98 Yanks would go on to win the World Series that year in historic fashion, winning an all-time high 125 games in total.


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