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March Madness: The Top 10 NCAA Basketball Teams of All-Time

Did one of your favorites make our list of the best of the best?

The Hoosiers were the last team to finish the season undefeated going an unparalled 32-0. The team had workhorse Kent Benson, speedy guard Quinn Buckner, Player of the Year Scott May and were coached by Hall of Famer Bobby Knight. The previous year the Hoosiers were undefeated in their first 29 games and many say that the 1975 team was better than the 1976 team. The 1975 team must have been really good, because the 1976 team was incredible. Indiana dominated the Final Four dismantling UCLA by 14 and Michigan by 18.

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The Bruins lost but one game in 1968. On January 20th, 1968 Houston beat UCLA 71-69; the loss ended UCLA’s 47 game winning streak, but UCLA would get their revenge. The Bruins finished the season with a 29-1 record, and had the best players in college basketball, a guy by the name of Lew Alcindor (he would later change his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.) Alcindor was dominating pumping in 26 points a game and pulling down 16 rebounds. The supporting cast of Michael Warren, Lynn Shackleford and Mike Flynn all averaged 10 points of more in 1968. UCLA tore through the competition in the tournament; they beat Santa Clara by 21 in the Elite Eight, avenged their loss to Houston by devouring them 101-69 in the semi-finals and handled North Carolina 78-55 in the title game.

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