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Mark Cuban On the Sport of Business

The NBA owner opens up about his career and offers advice to inspire your own work life.

Cuban’s Words Of Wisdom

I was at a blackjack table in Vegas, and I didn’t know whether to hit or stick. The dealer says to me, “No balls, no babies.” Either you’re in or you’re out, right? The other thing was something from Bobby Knight—not his original saying, but he said, “Everybody’s got the will to win, but it’s only those with the will to prepare that actually do win.” Everybody’s going to tell you, “I’ve got the will to win; I’m passionate.” If you really want to know where your future is, look at your effort.


Rapid Fire

Quick questions. Quick answers.

  • Dwyane Wade. Um, fashion backward.
  • America. Pride.
  • Music. Worst business on the planet.
  • Cheat. Not worth it.
  • Kobe. Ball hog.
  • Failure. Motivation.
  • Lebron. Champ.
  • Money. All I do is win.


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