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Most Memorable NBA Finals Games of the Millennium

Looking back at some of the NBA's closest and craziest finals games in recent history.

2010, Game 7 – Los Angeles Lakers 83, Boston Celtics 79

Lakers Cling to Victory Over Celtics Despite Kobe’s Shooting Woes

The 2010 NBA Finals once again featured the league’s most classic match-up, Lakers-Celtics, in a series that went the full seven games. That being said, Game 7 was not always, or even usually, the most fun game to watch. It was a gritty, defensive battle in the trenches, without a single star player having much success offensively. The game’s top scorer was Kobe Bryant, as expected, but he shot an atrocious 6 of 24 to score his 23 points.

With Kobe struggling, the Lakers ended up needing strong performances from Metta World Peace (aka Ron Artest) and Pau Gasol to win the game. LA trailed by as much as 13 in the first half before the game started to shift in their favor. By the fourth quarter, the Lakers had a decent handle on the game, but it wasn’t a sure thing until Sasha Vujacic knocked down two free throws in the final seconds to create a four-point lead. The series resulted in Kobe’s fifth title and second straight Finals MVP.



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