2003, Game 6 – San Antonio Spurs 88, New Jersey Nets 77

Spurs Come Back to Finish Off Nets, David Robinson Retires on Top

Jason Kidd led the Nets to a second-straight Finals appearance in 2003, but once again, they came up short. It was definitely more of a fight to the finish than the previous year though, as the Spurs and Nets split the first four games before the Spurs took Game 5. Back in San Antonio for the sixth game, the Nets took control all the way into the fourth quarter, when the Spurs went on a 19-0 run to change the face of the game. Thanks to Stephen Jackson’s three-point prowess and Tim Duncan’s ridiculous overall game (21 points, 20 rebounds, 10 assists, 8 blocks), the Spurs brought a second title to San Antonio and allowed all-time great David Robinson to retire in style.