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Most Memorable NBA Finals Games of the Millennium

Looking back at some of the NBA's closest and craziest finals games in recent history.

2007, Game 4 – San Antonio Spurs 83, Cleveland Cavaliers 82

Spurs Finish Off Another Title, Prove Too Much For Young LeBron and Cavs

An improbable playoff run orchestrated by LeBron James, practically on his own, met a dead end in the Finals against the experienced championship teamwork of the Spurs, who won their fourth title in nine years in a sweep. This would end up being LeBron’s only Finals appearance with the Cavs, as the three seasons he spent with the franchise after ’07 ended in disappointing Eastern Conference playoff exits. Frustrated with the lack of help, we all know what happened after that. In Game 4, the Cavs actually led midway through the fourth quarter, but a 12-3 Spurs run sealed up another title for Tim Duncan and Coach Gregg Popovich.



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