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The Sickest Athletes of the 2012 NBA Draft

Our eight favorite NBA draft picks, and the highlight videos that prove why they deserve multi-million-dollar contracts.

Anthony Davis (New Orleans Hornets) 1st pick overall

College: Kentucky

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 222 lbs.

The consensus number 1 pick heading into the draft, Anthony Davis will instantly become the focal point of a rebuilding Hornets team, which already includes athletic shooting guard Eric Gordon. Davis has drawn comparisons to all-time greats like Kevin Garnett and Bill Russell, mainly due to his dominance on the defensive end. While he is still developing as an elite low-post scorer, Davis possesses a freakish wingspan (7'5"), which will allow him to create havoc on both ends of the floor.

Davis is a tremendous athlete who can finish plays above the rim, which is helped by having some of the softest hands ever seen for a big man. His ability to defend both the post and out on the perimeter makes him a candidate for multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards, as Davis has the potential to become the most prolific shot blocker in NBA history. Considering that there is still upside, as far as his offense and overall strength, the Hornets made a no-brainer.



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