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The Sickest Athletes of the 2012 NBA Draft

Our eight favorite NBA draft picks, and the highlight videos that prove why they deserve multi-million-dollar contracts.

Jeremy Lamb (Houston Rockets) 12th pick overall

College: UConn

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 180 lbs.

One of the more freakish athletes in this year’s draft, Lamb is a lanky, scoring assassin who has a wingspan of roughly seven feet, despite only standing 6-5. He possesses a great vertical leap and speed (38-inch max vert and 3.25 sprint time at Combine), and can score at will thanks to ridiculous shooting range and explosive ability as a slasher. The Rockets stockpiled on talent this draft (three picks in the top 18) and Lamb could serve as a possible replacement for shooting guard Kevin Martin, who he is often compared to.

Lamb has an ability to break down defenders off the dribble, but moves pretty nicely without the ball as well. He is also known to throw down some impressive dunks, due to his long frame, and has all the makings of a viable NBA scorer, with very little downside in that department. For all his positive physical attributes, Lamb’s biggest problem is his strength and toughness. He is awfully thin at 180 pounds, and often avoids contact in the lane. He’ll likely need to bulk up to survive in the physical climate of the NBA.



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