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The Sickest Athletes of the 2012 NBA Draft

Our eight favorite NBA draft picks, and the highlight videos that prove why they deserve multi-million-dollar contracts.

Perry Jones III (Oklahoma City Thunder) 28th pick overall

College: Baylor

Height: 6'11"

Weight: 234 lbs.

Where Dion Waiters and Terrence Ross are considered two of the biggest draft climbers this year, Perry Jones III has to be the biggest dropper—a one-time lock for the top 10, he fell all the way to pick 28. His fall was mainly due to a knee injury concern, but the Thunder happily scooped up the high risk/high reward prospect. At nearly seven feet, Jones is a physical specimen (7-2 wingspan) and as good of an athlete as you can get for someone of his size.

Like Harrison Barnes, Jones was also a rock star at the Combine, posting a max vert of 38.5 inches, and recording an impressive sprint time for a big man of 3.19 seconds. As far as talent and potential, many pegged Jones as the best pure prospect after Anthony Davis, however, his knee issue, as well as problems with consistency and toughness, caused his precipitous drop. If his health turns out to be a non-issue, and Barnes can improve on his immense raw talent, the Thunder will run away with the biggest steal of the draft.



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