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The Sickest Athletes of the 2012 NBA Draft

Our eight favorite NBA draft picks, and the highlight videos that prove why they deserve multi-million-dollar contracts.

Marquis Teague (Chicago Bulls) 29th pick overall

College: Kentucky

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 189 lbs.

The Chicago Bulls may be without former MVP Derrick Rose for all of next season, and wisely grabbed a point guard with their first round pick. Marquis Teague was the fourth Kentucky Wildcat taken in the first round, and the third member of the National Champs on this list alone. Clearly the team was loaded with athletic talent, which was not spared at the expense of their point guard. Teague was one the fastest players in college hoops (fourth highest sprint time at Combine, 3.19 seconds), and also possesses tremendous leaping ability (second highest max vert, 40.5 inches). As such, he has all the makings of a dynamic point guard.

While filling D-Rose’s kicks will be no easy task, Teague brings a lot to the table, and will push the offense with tenacity similar to his brother, Jeff Teague, starting point guard of the Atlanta Hawks. The younger Teague is extremely quick bringing the ball up court, and agile in driving to the hoop. With his turbo-style of play, however, comes many turnovers, and Teague will also need to develop an NBA-caliber jump shot to complete his game.



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