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Top 13 NCAA Tournament Players of All-Time

Travel—without penalty—back in time as we count down the best NCAA tournament players in history.

3. Christian Laettner, Duke
His NCAA moments almost require a separate story. His shot to beat Kentucky in 1992 still stands at the most memorable play in NCAA Tournament history. It’s played hundreds of times during March Madness. He played in four consecutive Final Fours, scoring 407 points in 23 tournament games, a record that still stands, he won back to back titles in 91’ and 92’, and of course he had plenty of help playing alongside Grant Hill and Bobby Hurley, but it was Laettner who was the catalyst that turned Duke into a dynasty. He was voted Most Outstanding Player in the 1991 Tournament and was selected to the 1992 US Men’s Olympic Team, the greatest team ever assembled.

2. Bill Walton, UCLA
He was a big reason that UCLA won a record 88 games in a row back in the 1970’s. He won back to back national titles and Most Outstanding Players awards in 1972 and 1973. In his best game ever, Walton scored 44 points on 21 of 22 shooting in the 1973 Championship game over Memphis State (as they were called back then), if not for the next guy on this list who went to the same school and played the same position, Walton would be No. 1,. He was that good!

1. Lew Alcindor, UCLA
For three seasons 1966-1969 he was the most dominant player on the court. He led the Bruins to three consecutive NCAA championships and was voted the Most Outstanding Player each year, the only player to accomplish this feat. He was so good that the NCAA banned the dunk in 1967 because he was so good at it. He quickly perfected the jump hook, which he perfected. Alcindor was a man-child in college basketball.  Alcindor was the recipient of the inaugural Naismith College Player of the year award. He was hands down the greatest college basketball player ever.



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