The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

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The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

Here, a cringe-worthy countdown: the top franchises in NFL history to kick butt during season play—and lose their grip on the Lombardi Trophy at the last minute.

Talk about a first impression. With 5,084 yards passing and 48 touchdowns, rookie QB Dan Marino had perhaps the greatest single season in NFL history, helping the Dolphins put together a 14-2 regular season record while racking up 513 regular season points. (The receiving corps of the “Marks Brothers”— Mark Clayton and Mark Duper—along with the coaching acumen of the legendary Don Shula, didn’t hurt their cause either.) Too bad they had to go up against the powerful attack of Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers, who made filets of the Dolphins, beating them 38-16 in Super Bowl XIX. Sadly, this would be Hall of Famer Dan Marino’s first and last time playing in a Super Bowl.


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