The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

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The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

Here, a cringe-worthy countdown: the top franchises in NFL history to kick butt during season play—and lose their grip on the Lombardi Trophy at the last minute.

The ‘90 Bills racked up a stellar 15-3 regular season record and scored 95 points in their first two playoff games. Plus, they were led by not one, not two, but three future Hall of Famers—running back Thurman Thomas, quarterback Jim Kelly and sack master Bruce Smith. Then along came the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV. (Yes, they ruined it for more than one team on this list.) Buffalo’s typically sound passing attack was grounded by the ferocious pressure of New York’s front four, and the usually stout Bills defense gave up two time-killing drives to the rushing attack of the Giants. But the real defining factor? “Wide Right.” This is basically what the game will always be remembered for, as Scott Norwood missed blew a game-winning 47-yard field goal kick with 8 seconds on the clock to give the Giants a 22-20 win. So the Bills came close...but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.


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