The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

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The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

Here, a cringe-worthy countdown: the top franchises in NFL history to kick butt during season play—and lose their grip on the Lombardi Trophy at the last minute.

The Greatest Show on Turf, the name given to the speedy offense of the St. Louis Rams of this era, breezed into Super Bowl XXXVI with the NFL’s last two reigning MVPs, Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner. The high scoring Rams (still the only team to score more than 500 points in three consecutive seasons) were heavily favored in the game, a mere formality for the boys from the Show Me State, and—after winning the Super Bowl two years earlier—were considered a dynasty in waiting. Problem is, they are still waiting, as they fell to the New England Patriots and their rookie QB, Tom Brady (you may have heard of him?), 20-17. Alas, as one dynasty goes down, another begins.


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