The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

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The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

Here, a cringe-worthy countdown: the top franchises in NFL history to kick butt during season play—and lose their grip on the Lombardi Trophy at the last minute.

After losing four Super Bowls, Minnesota seemed like it finally had a team that could get it over the hump. The ‘98 Vikings rode the arm of Randall Cunningham and the amazing hands of rookie-sensation wide receiver Randy Moss to a regular season record of 15-1, scoring 556 points along the way. Not only did Moss and Cunningham link up for 17 TD passes, but Gary Anderson was also the first kicker to ever complete the regular season without missing a field goal or extra point. What a feat! Unfortunately, though, he choked when it mattered, missing a 38-yard field goal in the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons that would have put them up by 10 with time running out. Atlanta seized the opportunity, driving the ball 71 yards to tie the game and eventually winning in OT on a field goal. Now that’s the kicker.


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