The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

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The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Super Bowl History

Here, a cringe-worthy countdown: the top franchises in NFL history to kick butt during season play—and lose their grip on the Lombardi Trophy at the last minute.

Many in the media labeled the ‘68 Colts as the best team ever. Of course, this was only 1968, but they were that good. Want proof? Baltimore finished the season 13-1 and allowed only 144 points—while scoring 402. And their only loss was to the Cleveland Browns, who they then destroyed in an NFL Championship game rematch. Yes, the Colts—who were coached by legendary Hall of Famer Don Shula and had an offense helmed by QB Earl Morrall—were poised to go all the way...until a cocky, panty-hose-wearing quarterback named Joe Namath and his New York Jets stepped into their path, handing the Colts the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. (The Colts had been an 18-point favorite, largely because most thought that the NFL was so much better than the AFL. Guess not.)


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