The 10 Fittest NFL Rookies

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The 10 Fittest NFL Rookies

These are the young guns bringing the heat this season.

The draft finished in May, training camps started in late July, and now, the NFL’s top-rated rookies are looking to get some preseason reps to prove that they’re ready for the big time. It’s always fascinating to look back on NFL drafts’ past and see which players lived up to their potential (Peyton Manning, 1st overall pick, 1998), which ones exceeded expectations by a wide margin (Tom Brady, 199th overall pick, 2000) and which guys were spectacular busts (JaMarcus Russell, 1st overall pick, 2007). Of course, most of the guys from this year’s crop are sure to fall somewhere between those ends of the spectrum, but the (mostly) first-rounders on this list definitely have a ton of ability, and may get the chance to hit the ground running this season. Don’t rule it out, you may even find yourself starting one of these guys on your fantasy team at some point this season, but let’s not make any hasty decisions—we know how important that fantasy league is to you. And they’re still rookies, right? Let’s see how the first few games go.

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