10 Standout NFL Preseason Players of 2012

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10 Standout NFL Preseason Players of 2012

These football rookies (and other 2nd and 3rd stringers) showed serious potential during the preseason. Keep your eye on them: It probably won't be long before they're making their way into the starting lineup.

William Powell, Arizona Cardinals RB

William Powell has not been a stranger to adversity throughout his football career, battling through junior college to eventually get some playing time as a running back at Kansas State, then being cut from the Arizona Cardinals roster last summer. However, he was signed back to the team’s practice squad in December and has taken full advantage of every opportunity that training camp and preseason have presented to him. Powell rushed for 249 yards on 42 carries (5.9 per attempt) and three touchdowns to lead the league in rushing.

Powell seemed to climb up Arizona’s running back depth chart from the bottom, and it appears as though he’s looking to challenge second-string RB Ryan Williams and the still-recovering, rusty starter Beanie Wells for some regular season playing time. He’s certainly done his best to earn it, even if he wasn’t able to finish the preseason on a strong note (9 carries, 18 yards), facing a Broncos defense that allowed just 62 yards rushing over an entire game against the Cards.

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