10 Standout NFL Preseason Players of 2012

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10 Standout NFL Preseason Players of 2012

These football rookies (and other 2nd and 3rd stringers) showed serious potential during the preseason. Keep your eye on them: It probably won't be long before they're making their way into the starting lineup.

Travaris Cadet, New Orleans Saints RB

Here’s another guy who’s been shredding the depth chart this preseason. Cadet had his work cut out for him at the start of training camp as a generally unknown player from Appalachian State joining one of the NFL’s most high-powered offenses. Going up against successful NFL backs Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas, along with Mark Ingram, the Saints’ first pick in the 2011 draft, Cadet has still found a way to stand out and demand some attention.

He has been a threat on the ground and through the air, doing a great impression of Sproles’ playing style in the process. He finished up with an impressively productive 30 catches for 246 yards, along with another 132 yards rushing and two touchdowns. Cadet has made a great case for himself when it comes to the fourth and final RB slot on the Saints’ final roster. He’s looking to depose Chris Ivory, who has two years of NFL experience but had limited playing time last season due to injury. It’s tough to say what the Saints’ coaching staff will want to go with – Ivory is a more traditional back with experience while Cadet is a bigger passing threat who has made more impact this preseason – but regardless, know that Cadet has done just about everything in his power to earn a shot.

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