10 Standout NFL Preseason Players of 2012

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10 Standout NFL Preseason Players of 2012

These football rookies (and other 2nd and 3rd stringers) showed serious potential during the preseason. Keep your eye on them: It probably won't be long before they're making their way into the starting lineup.

Dwayne Harris, Dallas Cowboys WR

In his second season out of East Carolina, Dwayne Harris is looking to take a huge step forward in contributing to the Cowboys’ success every Sunday. Last year, he appeared in seven games as a kickoff and punt returner, not finding the end zone once while being kept away from any work on offense. However, this preseason, he’s made enough noise to emerge as one of Dallas’ primary slot receivers, and reports say that he will likely split time with Cole Beasley as the team’s no. 3 receiver option.

Harris solidified his spot on the roster with some huge plays during Week 3 of preseason against the St. Louis Rams, in which he racked up 118 yards and two touchdowns against first-string players. Overall, he collected 173 receiving yards to be among league leaders. In an offense that hinges on Tony Romo’s passing game, Harris is likely to get some good chances to make a difference.

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