The 25 Fittest Football Players

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The 25 Fittest Football Players

The biggest, strongest, fastest, and leanest machines in the NFL.

Good things come in small packages, right? That’s certainly the case for former Rutgers standout Ray Rice. One of the shortest players on our list, the Baltimore Ravens running back may only stand 5'8" and weigh 212 pounds, but his presence looms large in every single game. Due to a unique combination of speed and power (he’s been known to bench more than 400 pounds and squat more than 500), Rice has quickly become one of the league’s best running backs.

So how does he stay so fit? In addition to the conventional power exercises, Rice has even called upon his former New Jersey high school coaches to provide a change of pace. detailed in a 2011 article some of Rice’s more interesting workouts which include beach sprints, resistance band sprints, and shuttle runs. Wait, you mean the beach is good for things other than laying out and drinking beer? Hmm…


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