The 25 Fittest Football Players

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The 25 Fittest Football Players

The biggest, strongest, fastest, and leanest machines in the NFL.

Some athletes are just genetically gifted. Take, for instance, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Quarterbacks are not supposed to be 6'5", 248 pounds and move with the nimble feet of a feline. For someone that size to be able to run a 4.59 40, have a vertical leap of 35 inches, and a broad jump of 126 inches is almost unfair to the rest of the league. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, crazy genes aren’t on the list of prohibited substances. And so Cam Newton is free to run around in the backfield and throw passes to his receivers with laser-like precision. He’s so gifted and unique that Sport Science even took the time to try to figure out just what makes Cam so different from all the other NFL quarterbacks. We’re inclined to think it has something to do with Wheaties. Lots and lots of Wheaties.


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