The 25 Fittest Football Players

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The 25 Fittest Football Players

The biggest, strongest, fastest, and leanest machines in the NFL.

The 6'1" 240-pound San Francisco 49ers linebacker 49ers strikes fear into the hearts of opposing offenses not just with the tattoos covering nearly his entire torso, but also with his extreme speed (it should be illegal for a man Patrick Willis’ size to run a 4.51 40), his massive strength (22 reps of a 225-pound bench press), and off-the charts-agility (including a 39-inch vertical leap and a 119-inch broad jump). If that wasn’t enough to impress you, think about the fact that Willis reportedly squats 500 pounds. And how does he get (and stay) this jacked? In a 2010 video interview, the 2007 AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year detailed his unique homegrown workout, which consists of basically whatever feels right to him. Growing up, Willis didn’t have free weights or a gym to use, so he used whatever he could find to keep his body in shape, including pushups, situps, and other plyometric exercises. It sure seems to have worked for one of the fittest defensive players in the NFL.


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