5 Best Super Bowl Plays in NFL History

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5 Best Super Bowl Plays in NFL History

There’s lots more to the Super Bowl than nacho dip and commercials. Here are the best plays in history, to get you pumped up for this year’s epic showdown.

There are tons of good things that come along with a Super Bowl party. The awesome commercials, your girlfriend’s addictive cheesy nacho dip, and that strong possibility the halftime show will feature an awkward wardrobe malfunction that everyone will Tweet about for days after.

But the best part about the game itself? We call it: “the play.” That signature pass, last-minute stop or game-winning kick that gets you and your crew jumping out of your seats and screaming at your new HD television. In honor of next weekend's big showdown we relive five of the best Super Bowl plays ever. Careful not to knock over that dip.


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