5 Best Super Bowl Plays in NFL History

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5 Best Super Bowl Plays in NFL History

There’s lots more to the Super Bowl than nacho dip and commercials. Here are the best plays in history, to get you pumped up for this year’s epic showdown.

Rams are up 23-16. The seconds are ticking away in the 4th quarter. St. Louis has the game all wrapped up, right? But wait, the Music City boys have the scrambling, rambling Steve McNair. The All-Pro QB drives his team up the field and gets all the way to the Rams 10-yard line with six ticks on the clock. Tennessee draws up a play that gets the ball to Kevin Dyson cutting into the end zone—but just as he’s about to break over the goal line, the Rams’ Mike Jones stops the receiver. ONE. YARD. SHORT.


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