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David Garrard

In the zone with Jacksonville's star quarterback

What's your typical post-game meal?
I usually do a good steak with some kind of veggies, but because I burn a lot of calories, I'll mix in some fries. Usually, after the game, I'm not thinking about eating too healthy.

What's your workout schedule like during the season?
We workout on Mondays, right after the game—it's our regeneration day of stretching, using roller pads, getting in the ice tub and letting your legs regenerate. Thursday is my lift day and that's where I go through a pretty significant workout at the stadium.

What exercise do you constantly perform and find essential for your training?
I like to get in a good abdominal workout . The core is the central part of your whole body and when the abs are soft and weak, you'll get back problems, hamstring problems and you're not as physically fit to move as well as you'd like to—your core is a big part of the NFL. I have done pilates and I have done yoga, both of them are very tough—P90x is also a great workout for your abs.

You've also made a name for yourself as a chef, cooking on the Rachel Ray Show and winning the Super Bowl Recipe Playoff. What's the winning recipe?
My buffalo chicken dip. It is chicken, sour cream and layered cheese on top. You throw it in the oven and bake it and once it comes out, eat it with Frito chips for dipping. It's awesome! It's not the healthiest meal, but if you're watching a football game and have a lot of friends over, it's a good one to have.

Now for the lightning round of questions: What's the last good movie you saw?
Inglorious Bastards

What's your favorite television show?
The Office

What kind of car do you drive?
I have two—my everyday car is a Mercedes-Benz, but my favorite car is my '69 Camaro convertible.

What's the toughest stadium to play in?
It's always been the Colts stadium. With that dome, it's always so loud and it feels like everybody's sitting right on top of you.

What's your favorite stadium to play in, other than Jacksonville Municipal Stadium?
I really like Tampa. They have a really good field down there with the big pirate ship in the end zone. It's cool because I went to Eastern Carolina University and we're the Pirates, so I really envision something like that in our ECU stadium someday.


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