The Greatest Quarterback Rivalries of All Time

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The Greatest Quarterback Rivalries of All Time

The best head-to-head Super Bowl matchups in history.

In a couple of the most bizarre, unforeseeable instances of one QB proving his superiority over another, Eli Manning has beaten Tom Brady in two Super Bowls. First, it was a true David vs. Goliath story, as the Pats entered Super Bowl XLII with a flawless 18-0 record and three recent Super Bowl victories. The perfect season attempt was all for naught, however, as Eli and the Giants won with a touchdown in the final minute, 17-14. Lightning struck twice four years later, as the Giants, again the underdogs, beat Brady and the Pats with another touchdown in the last minute, 21-17. These games probably guide the legacies of these players that you know today: Brady, one of the best to play the game yet still human, and Eli, a QB with a shocking range of highs and lows.

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