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NFL Training: The Eternal Youth of Larry Fitzgerald

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver talks about his intense training, his laser-focused nutrition plan, and why 'Game of Thrones' is his favorite show on TV.

Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t want to hear the word comeback.

Sure, the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver admittedly had a rough 2014 season, when he posted the worst numbers since his rookie year. But in 2015, just as the critics started rumbling about how Fitzgerald was getting over the hill after a decade of consistency, the 6'3", 220-pound wideout delivered his best campaign in years: a career-high 109 receptions, his highest single-season receiving yards total since 2011, and a berth in the NFC Championship.

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So yeah: Larry Fitzgerald's still got it.

“My offseason training really helped me—I was fully healthy and having my health made a big difference,” says Fitzgerald. “I was able to come in and have a great camp, get up to a fast start early in the season, and it kind of just kept rolling.”

Fitzgerald battled through injuries in 2014, missing two games—the first time he had to sit out since the 2007 season—but he played a full slate of 16 games in 2015. Fitzgerald credits his training routine and nutrition as the main reasons why he’s been able to stay so healthy through the course of his career—overall he’s missed just six games in 12 years in the NFL.

“There are no shortcuts,” says Fitzgerald. “If you want to be successful, you’ve got to put the time in with your training.” The wideout uses a wide range of workouts and exercises in his training, including box jumps, agility drills, hang cleans, squats, explosive movement drills, and a ton of running. “I'm doing between 600 and 800 yards of intense, intense running when I’m training,” says Fitzgerald. “I want high-intensity training, every single day.”

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Fitzgerald will be 33 years old when the 2016 season starts, but he still plays football with the same intensity as when he was a rookie out of the University of Pittsburgh. Fitzgerald credits his nutrition for keeping his body in top shape despite his age and all the wear and tear he’s suffered through a decade-plus in the NFL.

“You've got to make sure your body's getting the nutrients that it needs,” says Fitzgerald. “At this age, I have to be able to train hard, but I have to be able to recover so I can do the same activity day in and day out, and nutrition is key for that.”

Fitzgerald spoke with Men’s Fitness about his intense offseason training, how he gets ready for the season, what his favorite workouts are, and why he loves Game of Thrones.

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