The Lockout Ends! 10 Worst NFL Referee Calls of 2012

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The Lockout Ends! 10 Worst NFL Referee Calls of 2012

The lockout has ended, but not before there were some miserable calls made this season. We're counting down the worst of 2012—and hoping that the bad flags stop here.

9. Jim Harbaugh challenges a play – with no timeouts left

Surprisingly, the Vikings handled the 49ers at home this past Sunday, taking a 24-13 victory to go 2-1 on the year. Not surprisingly, the officials in this game gave San Francisco every chance to crawl back in the fourth quarter. Following a run by Vikings running back Toby Gerhart, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh called his final timeout. Harbaugh then called over a referee and more or less said, “Oopsies, I meant to challenge the ruling on the field.” Not wanting to disappoint the reigning Coach of the Year, replacement ref Ken Roan granted the challenge, and the play was reversed as a lost fumble. Even crazier, Roan let Harbaugh challenge another fumble by Gerhart, since the coach earned back the final timeout he never had in the first place. Still with us? Good.


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