The Lockout Ends! 10 Worst NFL Referee Calls of 2012

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The Lockout Ends! 10 Worst NFL Referee Calls of 2012

The lockout has ended, but not before there were some miserable calls made this season. We're counting down the worst of 2012—and hoping that the bad flags stop here.

8. John Harbaugh gets called for unsportsmanlike conduct – for trying to call a timeout

While his brother Jim gets granted magical challenges/timeouts when he doesn’t actually possess them, Ravens coach John Harbaugh gets a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for…simply trying to call a timeout. Where is the justice? Apparently, the refs were extra sensitive from all the criticism over the first few weeks, and weren’t having any of that “head coach trying to get their attention business.” This call – one of many bad ones in the Ravens-Patriots Week 3 tilt – spawned the echoing “Bullshit!” chant at M&T Bank Stadium, turning Sunday Night Football into an episode of Monday Night RAW.


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